New rules(updated 2008/12/22):

You might read this first:

How To Organize A Successful Blog Contest

I want contest done by fellow bloggers or written on a company blog.

I decided to only post about contest on blogs. But, a Featured contest will bypass this rules below.

So, no:
  • Contest with rules written by a lawyer ;)
  • Contest for a website unless it's on the blog(see rule above)
  • Contest that are for adult(young bloggers/readers come here too)
If you still do, I will not look at it. They are other blogs that post more types of contest than me.

Your contest:

Just email me the URL and end date of your contest post. It must be already visible and active. The home page will not work.

You have 2 options:

1. Contest list (Free):

You contest will be mixed with other contest like I did here and not guaranteed to be listed:
Contest List For July 22 2008

2. Featured ($15USD):

This will be a Featured contest. Your contest will have:

  • It's own post like here

  • Link to your home page

  • I can't participate in the contest

Start the subject with: Featured: your contest title... so that I can see your contest faster.

I will then send you the information for payment and it will be done sooner after the payment is received. You can pay using PayPal or AlertPay. You can open a free account with both. AlertPay is a good backup in case you have problem with your PayPal account.

Note: Remember that you can deduct that amount from the earnings made from your blog when doing your income taxes.

Contact me: webmaster [a]
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