Contest is over

I have 10 advertisement slots on 1 Cool File: 5 Headers(value of $10/month) and 5 Footers(value of $5/month). Those are site wide.

Prize: Your link will be there for 1 month.

Total Value = $75+
It's simple to win:

Just leave a comment with the Blog URL and the anchor text(20 characters max.). 1 entry per person/blog. I want to give a chance to others

It's a contest of speed so it's FCBP(First to Comment, Best Position).

If you have a blog, you can add it for FREE(see how) in the blog directory/marketplace!

But wait!!! You will get a second month for free if you had your blog. But it must be in the first 24 hours after you win/comment.

But wait again!!! If I have more than 10 blogs after the end of the contest, I will randomly draw 3 extra footers from those who added their blogs(free or paid option) and left a comment here during the contest.

It's my first comment contest here so I don't know how it will go. I may get 25 or 7 entries in 24hours.

  • If get 7 entries, I will wait to get all 10 but I won't do the random draw.

  • If I have 11-13, I won't do a draw because I need at least 14 entries. So blog about the contest by linking to it.

Trackbacks are not counted and the site must meet our blog guidelines(a real blog).

Good Luck Speed!

Edit 12-15 : I removed the end date. When I will get my 3 last footers, I will draw 3 other footer one week later.
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